Forthcoming Conference

Is there a place for ‘Spirit’ in Science and Medicine? Science and Research Methodology in Anthroposophic Medicine

At a time when reductionist and mechanical views of the Human Being dominate our Society and Medicine and more holistic approaches are being attacked in the name of Science, this seminar gives the opportunity to hear the scientific and epistemological foundations of another paradigm.

Health Care and Wellbeing Resources

Please Note: This website is in development and contains limited information at this time. RECRUITING! If you would like to help us curate our care-content and have appropriate medical / nursing experience do get in touch!

On this site you can learn about different ways of obtaining help with health and well-being issues.

The approach taken by the practitioners listed on this site is holistic and designed to support self-healing.

All the different methods of care have in common two connected ideas about the human being: first, that how we are feeling and our attitude to life can impact our health and well-being. Secondly, that our physical, emotional and spiritual health are interconnected and therapy on one of these levels can foster wellness on another.

It is an approach that assumes life is meaningful and that ill health and crisis, whilst challenging and sometimes profoundly difficult, is also an opportunity to review, take-stock, reflect, rest, and perhaps bring about positive change and transformation in your life.

All practitioners listed here see themselves as providing services that are complimentary to the normal NHS services that we have in the UK. Some of our practitioners are also NHS practitioners and some of the doctors we list work as GPs in the NHS.

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