This site is for the support and guidance of the general public. On this site you can find out all about Anthroposophic therapy and where you can obtain it.

Elysia Health is a connected network of organisations working within the anthroposophic health care field. However this site includes, not just those connected organisations, but as far as possible, all activity in the UK that is working out of the same knowledge and values.

Anthroposophical health care is focussed on the whole human being, body, soul and spirit. The anthroposophic healthcare movement is found worldwide and has been established for over 80 years.

Anthroposophy, or spiritual science, as it is sometimes called, is the in-depth and precise exploration of what it is to be a whole human being: thinking, feeling, willing; body, soul, spirit; and how our physical body interacts with our soul and spirit.

The healing journey begun with crisis and illness may stimulate a new desire to understand and learn. This dynamic interplay between the two poles of healing and learning creates the possibility for new balance and an active re-engagement with life, health and wellbeing.

This website is the public website of the Elysia Health Association and has been funded by the Calyx Trust.

The Elysia Health Association is a network of professionals and trainings working out of anthroposophical health care.

The Calyx Trust is a charity that funds the anthroposophic health sector.

This website presents information that we believe will be helpful and it is as complete as we can keep it - not everyone here is member of the Elysia Health Association but everyone does have a connection with anthroposphic health care.

Elysia Health is an activity of the Elysia Commons Society.

The illustration below shows the three-fold flow of professional health-care activity from the "commons" to the individual.