Therapeutic Speech

Therapeutic speech is an interactive therapy which works with and through the voice, the sounds and rhythms of language, gesture and movement, and – underlying all – the breath. It aims to stimulate the natural healing processes in the human being.

Speaking engages the voice, the mind, the self, and close to a hundred muscles, giving form and shape to the out-streaming breath. How we speak has an effect on our whole organism, reaching down into our physiology, and up into our consciousness. We meet each other, soul to soul, through our speaking. Speech is a total engagement, and can be balancing, invigorating and health-promoting.

However in stress and illness, speech loses its strength, mobility and forming qualities, and the harmony of the breathing is often impaired. Through the rhythms and sound combinations of specific speech exercises, combined with gesture and movement, and the inspiration of poetry, Therapeutic Speech encourages and directs our own healing capacities towards transformation and the re-establishing of health-giving rhythms. Confidence can grow as the voice is experienced as more centred, formed and free, and as the breathing is rebalanced through speaking.

Therapeutic Speech offers help, not only with voice and fluency disorders, but also in a wide range of health situations both physical and psychological, and in developmental disorders in children and adults with special needs. It is a pathway towards reawakening our understanding and respect for the gift of the human voice and the spoken word.

Practitioners offering Therapeutic Speech