Therapeutic Oil Dispersion Baths

Oil Dispersion Baths are warming and relaxing; carefully chosen therapeutic oils are dispersed in water with a special device that introduces the oil to the water through a powerful vortex. Swaddling after bathing for a prescribed period is part of the treatment.

Both physical and emotional stress are addressed with the body being brought back into harmony, balance and warmth.

Oil is “dispersed” throughout the bath, coating each drop of water evenly in oil. And this is done naturally, without the use of emulsifiers, by a special vortex device that introduces the oil to the water.

Oils are picked based upon both physical and emotional stresses you may be going through. Arnica oil is used for traumatic muscle and joint injuries. German chamomile is used for issues centred around the stomach and intestines. Rosemary has unique benefits for those with diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. Peru Balsam is an oil good for emotional healing, especially insecurities arising from early childhood. The practitioner is skilled at picking the right oil to treat your specific physical and emotional conditions.

The bath itself lasts a total of twenty minutes, with approximately half of that spent in solitude. The other half consists of the therapist either making specific motions around your body with his or her hands, or massaging you with brushes crafted specifically for the treatment.

Once the bath is over, without drying off, you are swaddled, first in a flannel cotton sheet, then in a myriad of other wrappings designed to keep you cosy but not sweaty. You lie in a quiet, dimly-lit room where you nap or rest quietly for at least thirty minutes, ideally for an hour or more. Once your siesta is over, your therapist may measure your temperature again; their goal is to raise your body temperature slightly.

These baths are meant to be repeated, ideally, between six and twelve times, with three days separating each treatment.

The process is extremely relaxing, both during and after treatments and over time is strengthening and supportive of soul and physical wellbeing.

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