Types of Care

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Physical Therapies

Anthroposophic understanding of body and soul bring new dimensions to well known therapies such as massage and new healing depth to activities such as taking a bath.

Therapeutic Visual Arts

Appropriate guidance and accompaniment in artistic activity to bring harmony and healing for those in crisis.

Therapeutic Performance Arts

Therapeutic performance arts heal through doing, through consciously using our bodies we bring rhythm, shape, sound and harmony to the task of resting turbulent emotions, discerning self-destructive behaviour patterns and finding soul-stillness and healing in times of crisis.

Conversation Based Therapies

The science of psychology has yielded many effective psycho-therapeutic approaches that anthroposophic insights into the human soul can support. There is, in particular, a specific awareness of our spirit-self, of our spiritual nature striving to become fully human.

Medical Interventions

Anthroposphic insights into the soul to support the medical doctor in understanding the root causes of illness and to create healing journeys for their patients.

Nursing and Home Care

Anthroposophic insights into the nature of suffering and the human soul are helpful in building a deeper practice of nursing care.