Anna van Zelderen

About Anna van Zelderen

Anna van Zelderen is a Chartered Physiotherapist, MCSP, HCPC registered & a Rhythmical Massage Therapist, MRMTA Anna offers Physiotherapy, Rhythmical Massage therapy and 1-1 Pilates Rehabilitation either as separate therapies or as an integrated approach. Physiotherapy aims to enhance and restore movement and quality of life when someone's ability to move and perform functional activities in every day life is limited. This can be due to illness, injury or other disability. Different treatment techniques can be applied such as exercises, massage including soft tissue techniques, manipulation, which aim to reduce pain and improve mobility and strength; releasing muscular tension and improve circulation and relaxation. Physiotherapy can be beneficial for a wide range of conditions where aches and pains, muscle strains and sprains, poor circulation and movement restrictions need to be addressed. Anna has a special interest in pain management/ rehabilitation and has been working on a part-time basis in a clinic for pain management and rehabilitation over the last 5 years. Anna offers Physiotherapy from a holistic perspective. Where indicated she will incorporate Rhythmical Massage to release muscular tension, to revitalize and support the integration of the affected parts of the body. Where relevant she will support you with individually tailored Modified Pilates exercises, which has been proven to be an effective appeal to one's core strength, often enabling increased mobility, improved body awareness and better posture. 1=1 Modified Pilates sessions can be booked on request. Her approach to movement exercises is also inspired by the impulse of Spatial Dynamics, which incorporates 'the enlivening of the space around us'. Anna's speciality in Rhythmical Massage enables her to treat a broad field of indications, including more constitutional matters. Many people nowadays (also children) suffer from 'hypersensitivity' to the overdoses of sense impressions surrounding them. This often leads to increased stress, which can affect both body and mind, contributing to sleeping disorders, anxiety and depression. The Rhythmical Massage through its gentle quality of touch can help to restore our life forces, supporting our sense of warmth and well-being and therefore our sense of wholeness. Rhythmical Massage sessions can be booked on request. All treatments are one hour. For massage therapy this includes a short rest as an integral part.