Lindsey Garner

About Lindsey Garner

I began teaching in 1974 in a small, very sleepy middle school in Suffolk. But it wasn't long before I began to realise that my developing interest was in the children who did not find school life, or home life come to that, easy. After five years in this lovely school I left to begin work with teenagers who had rejected the usual educational journey. This was a challenging and rewarding decision and took me to various locations in Suffolk and finally to Herefordshire where I worked for 19 years. I completed the Steiner Teacher training in 1995 and tried to use some of the methods learnt to inspire the 14-16 year olds I taught. Now I am part of an Oasis team of facilitators in Herefordshire, running Oasis groups in Hereford and the Friend's Meeting House; A one year course in 3 Pathways - an Invitation to an Inner and Outer journey.