Monika Horber

About Monika Horber

The interaction of body, soul and spirit within the human being is becoming more widely acknowledged. Psychological and emotional problems sooner or later have an effect on the physical body; equally physical problems, especially when they cause limitations or pain or both, affect our emotional and mental wellbeing. Therefore body work such as Massage and Reflexology has much more to offer than merely bringing about relaxation. A truly holistic approach takes into consideration that, when working on the physical body, we don’t only have a positive effect on the body but also on the soul. Reducing tension and pain, enhancing breathing and harmonising warmth etc. contributes to feeling better in your body and consequently your mood is lifted, depression and anxiety may be reduced and there is possibly new strength, hope and orientation. Equally important to the treatments is a review of lifestyle and present circumstances that may have contributed to imbalances and health problems. Illness can thus become an opportunity to bring about change towards a more harmonious, healthier life.